Baked Pies

Crisp, yet tender crust on the outside, and the freshest lamb, tomatoes, onions and spices make up Sam's Lamb Pies and perfectly zesty spinach, fresh lemon, onions & a special spice mix bake inside Sam's Tasty Spinach Pies

Maybe this is presumptuous of us to say, but we're going to say it anyway :) Take all you've ever known about these tasty treats and toss it it the fresh Lamb, onions and juicy tomatoes or the zesty tang of the Spinach and spices in a light & thin perfectly hand-rolled dough, Sam's Baked Pies are second to none. Often ordered and delivered to churches, gatherings, house parties, weddings, you name it...these are some badass pies. Paired with either of the fantastic Hommous or Babaghannouj dip, it's like a match made in heaven!

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