Hommous & Dips

Fresh tahini mixes with chick peas in a zesty garlic, fresh lemon & secret spices make up Sam's Hommous, and a similar mix of ingredients meld with smokey eggplant and tangy spices round out Sam's Babaghannouj.

Have you jumped on the Hommous bandwagon (sorry, we can't call/spell it 'humus' - it's not said that way!) with the packaged supermarket brands? Well you're in for a surprise - Sam's famous homemade Hommous is bold & garlicky, with a vibrant zest to its flavor. They all come in an attractive reusable glass Ball mason jar, and as always, is made with zero added preservatives and uses only pure olive oil (no soybean or canola oil). The smokey eggplant Babaghannouj is about as smooth and warm as it gets, too. Try it as a dip with any of our Baked Pies...see for yourself!

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