About Sam's Bakery

For the past 30 year or so, our family has been fortunate enough to grow up in a house where much care and love - sometimes maybe too much - was put into all of our meals. Major events each day, our mama Sam - short for Samia - would labor and learn and perfect all the recipes and great food her mother taught her over the years, yielding the best, freshest, quality home cooked food we, to this day, have ever had.

In the works for years, we've finally put together a brick & mortar version of SamsBakery.com in the gorgeous area of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York...where we now can share not just the delicious results of all the hard work we've put in, but also give people a relaxed, homey, comfortable space for all to walk in and share with us.

In what used to be a personal training gym, the space was completely overhauled from nothing but a bathroom, a shower & a door...into a fully redesigned interior and exterior to create what now is the Café at Sam's Bakery. Whether you're being helped by Bobby (myself :), Rita, Joseph, or mama Sam...there is no doubt you'll walk out (or hopefully stay!) with a smile :)

I also made it my personal business to make the place as truly loungeable as possible for you,  There's almost one outlet for every seat anywhere in the café!  Our trade is design, development, IT, technology and such - so bring family, friends, cellphones, laptops, iPods, iPads, you name it...plug it in, relax, and work and play to your heart's content!

We have a lot interesting plans for the space (think open mic night...yes, we have a PA!...charity poker tournaments, movie nights, and much much more!), so we hope you join us soon - remember...it's nothing without you!

We plan on delivering locally, catering to everywhere, and ship online to literally anywhere in the world.  

It should be fun :)  Cheers!


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